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Mr. Lady?

No, ACID Meruhen - community for Keiyuu fans!

Community for Keiyuu fans!
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Welcome to Acid Meruhen, a community for the fans of Keiyuu, the vocalist of Kra. You must join in order to see the posts containing media and other material. Remember to read the rules before you join, and if you dare to break them, Gil will eat you alive.
...Right after Keiyuu has battered you.

Name: 景夕 (Keiyuu/Keiyu/Keiyuh/Kami/Keijo)
Position: Vocal (& the occasional piano)
Birthday: February 26th, 1981
Blood type: B
Height: 156 cm
Pets: a bearded dragon lizard, Gilgamesh, or more familiarly Gil
Favourite brands: Justin Davis/LOUIS VUITTON/BRIKO


1. You must be a fan of Keiyuu.
2. Be nice to Keiyuu... And everyone else. Yet this doesn’t mean that stating opinions is forbidden. Just keep your statements closer to humorous than evil.
3. Post only material related to Keiyuu (or Kra.)
4. Don’t spam. If you have a lot of questions, requests etc. post them at once.
5. It’s possible to request scans, clips and so on.
6. You can post scans, clips, PVs, translations, graphics... The list goes on. Fanart and fanfics are also allowed. Lock the posts that include uploads, scans etc. and remember to use the lj-cut.
7. If you have a problem (preferably related to the comm..) feel free to contact the moderators.
8. Feel free to fill and post this questionnaire when you join!

If you want to read Keiyuu's answers for some of these see this post.


~Your sadistic moderators, superflavor and _pavla_

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"What the hell can we do, we are born in this world, and we die."
「I no naka no... ari?」 --景夕

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